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School Uniform

Our school uniform is one of the ways in which we help our school to have a strong identity. We encourage children to wear their uniform with pride. All pupils are expected to wear our school uniform as detailed. Logo embroidered polo shirts, PE t-shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans supplied by Anglia School Wear are preferred but not compulsory.

  • If earrings are worn to school, they must be small stud type only and will need to be removed by the pupil or their parent (at home) prior to any PE activity.
  • Jewellery is not allowed; although children are welcome to wear a watch.
  • Neat and tidy haircuts are required for school. Long hair must be tied up.
  • Hair embellishments such as large bows may not be worn but discreet clips and hairbands in school colours are acceptable

Please support our guidelines by ensuring your child/ren come into school wearing the correct uniform and keep a regular eye on footwear, socks and tights worn. Pupils wearing non-listed items will be reminded of the correct items to wear.

Pre-Loved Uniform

FAFA (friends and family association) hold regular pre-loved uniform sales, we will notify parents when these sales will be held.  Pre-loved uniform can be purchased all year round from the Essex Uniform Exchange.  


School Uniform

Grey or black tailored shorts, trousers. skirt or pinafore.

Purple cardigan sweatshirt or fleece

White polo shirt 

Lilac gingham dress (summer term) 

Plain black, grey or white socks

Plain black, grey or white tights

Black smart shoes (not sandals or trainers)


PE Kit

Indoor Kit:
Black shorts
White t-shirt
Plain plimsolls or trainers

Outdoor kit:
As above but with a plain black tracksuit for warmth. School purple jumper may also be worn.

Tribe Challenges/Sports Day:

Parents:- If you are unsure which Tribe your child is part of please check with the school office before ordering their t-shirt.

Ordovices Tribe T-Shirt - Blue, Embroidered
Silures Tribe T-Shirt - Green, Embroidered
Iceni T-Shirt—Red, Embroidered
Trinovantes Tribe T-Shirt - Yellow, Embroidered

The items listed below are available embroidered, with the school logo, from Anglia School Wear: -


Polo Shirt

V Neck Sweathirt

Crew Neck Sweathirt

Jersey Cardigan

PE T-Shirt

Tribal T-Shirts


Reversible (fleece/Waterproof) Jacket

Classic Book Bag

P.E Bag

Primary Backpack

Junior Moment Case

Non Embroidered Items Available

Shadow Stripe PE Shorts





Iron on Name Labels

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