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At Queen Boudica Primary School, we follow the Essex Agreed Syllabus - ‘A Religious Education for the Future – Understanding religion and worldviews for a life in a changing world’.

‘The syllabus promotes a multi-disciplinary study of religion and worldviews, developing students’ knowledge, critical faculties and curiosity about the world in which they live. It prepares them both for life within the large and diverse County of Essex, but also in the wider world, where they will encounter a huge range of ideas and beliefs.’

Foreword, Page 3 of ‘A Religious Education for the Future.’

We are a wonderfully diverse school that are fortunate to have families that follow many different religions. At Queen Boudica, we celebrate the different faiths worshipped at our school. It is a core aim to not just simply encourage tolerance, but to learn and share knowledge of all the different faiths in our community and in the wider world.

As part of delivering an effective religious education for all pupils, the school will take a three-tiered approach to learning about religion:

  • Human Social Sciences
  • Theology
  • Philosophy

We will be using resources from the Saffron Academy Trust Religious Education Curriculum. It is a multi-faith, enquiry led programme that encourages discussion and deep thinking through a wide range of stimulating and interesting activities as the children discover the role of religion in the wider world around them. Through these activities, the children will develop the skills of deeper thinking, enquiry and reflection to enable them to express their thoughts, opinions and learning.

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